Spicy rhubarb chutney

I love chutneys. First of all: they cook themselves. Second: they are great together with grilled meat or cheese or just on a piece of white bread as appetizer. Third: they make good gifts. Everybody loves a glass of it as present when invited to a party. You can use zucchini, pumpkin, apples, onions or mangos, practically everything you want to get rid off ;-)

A friend of mine has currently loads of rhubarb in her backyard and so she gave me about 1kg of it. Ok rhubarb is a little more work to process, so I usually cook jam or chutneys with it. Chutneys taste best after a rest in a dark corner, so give it a little to relax.

I don’t have exact quantities, I mostly cook it out of experience. This time it was a bit more than 1000 gr of rhubarb (remove the skin with a peeler, and yeah, that’s a lot of work and mess), 500 gr of pink onions in cubes (because of their nice soft taste), 500 gr of rock candy, 1 small habanero in small pieces (depends on how spicy you want it), two hands full of dried mixed berries (acai, cranberry. blueberry, goji) and around 750 ml of white wine vinegar. I add some spicy and sweet dried peppers (powder), cayenne pepper, hot chili powder, curry powder and some dried garlic.

Throw all of it in a big pot and let it boil. After some minutes reduce the heat. Let it cook with a lid on the pot until most of the liquid is cooked in. Don’t worry about the strong vinegar smell, it will be gone soon. I usually take off the lid for the last 30 min and prepare a small pot with boiling water. After shortly rinsing a glass jar with the water, I fill the chutney into it. Be careful, the glasses get really hot as soon as there is some chutney in it. I close it with the screwtop and place it upside down on a flat surface to cool down.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you how long chutneys last, mine are eaten too fast ;-) But I think, 6 months at least. Enjoy!

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