Review: L’occitane aromachologie repair mask

It’s time to talk a bit about my favourite hair product. I once mentioned that I prefer cosmetic products made of natural and organic ingredients. Well, that’s not 100% true, because natural hair products rarely truly convince me. There are a few exceptions and this mask is one of it. I have rather thick hair with some waves, I get blonde highlights every few months, I am in the sun a lot, I wash my hair almost every day and -the worst thing- I use my beloved flat iron on an almost daily base. It’s getting better now, because I let it grow and don’t need to super-style it every day as I had to when I had my short cut, but still, my hair needs some extra care once or twice a week, even though it is basically rather uncomplicated.

When you open can you find a creamy, almost butter-like texture with an incredibly wonderful and soft smell of herbs, wood and flowers. It’s not like other hair products, which smell heavily like perfume, it’s really like walking through a meadow far away from the city (ok that’s sounds a bit romantic, but you know what I mean ;-)). Before applying it I wash my hair normally or with a deep-cleansing shampoo. I dry it with a towel and apply the mask, more or less only into the lenghts. Due to the creamy texture it will stay there and won’t drip out of it. If you want to enhance the effect, wrap a towel around your head. Let it rest for a few minutes, you can finish off all the other shower-stuff during that time and then rinse it thoroughly. When the hair is dry, it will be soft and the wonderful smell stays in it for at least a day (unless you put any styling product in it).

L’occitane products are expensive, I know. I must confess, I also reduced my L’occitane hauls also to a minimum, but this product is definitely worth the price. Especially because it lasts a long time since you don’t need much per use.

Find more information here. Pic from the website.

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