Carbs to go: Cool couscous salad

Seems that I write a lot about food, right? Well here’s one more.

A day at the dropzone with a lot of physical work (camera flying, packing my and the student’s canopy, jumping, …) can be really exhausting. Especially when summer finally decides to arrive in Austria with 30 degrees C out of nothing. You need power, but it should be cool and not too heavy. Salads like my couscous salad are a perfect choice. I prepare it in the morning or the day before and simply take it with me in a box.

For my favourite couscous salad I usually take for one serving 1 small sized cup of water and cook 1/2 a cup of couscous in it (look on the package, usually there are instructions how to cook it). Then I simply mix raw, not to dry vegetables like cucumber (always nice in summer), tomatoes (better just the flesh and not the juicy part), my beloved soybeans or peppers. I add some can tuna and herbs (you can literally take everything you want) and a soup spoon of high quality oil as well as a bit of lemon juice. Add salt and pepper and I personally love crumbled feta on it. It’s so simple! Be creative and play with meat, nuts, grains or veggies. It also something kids love or you can bring to a bbq. Store it in the fridge before serving, then it is refreshing and tasty. Enjoy!

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