….so you can see the world

There is this quote: climb a mountain, not that the world can see you, but you can see the world. This is true. Enjoying a completely different view onto the world makes your perspective clearer, helps you finding new ways and provides me a special feeling of relaxation. Skydiving sometimes also works, but in times where many of my jumps have a working character and since it is a speedy sport, walking up a mountain slowly, climbing rocks and finally looking down is completely different.

Unfortunately during the last years I couldn’t really hike a lot because of a nerve problem in my left foot. I had to undergo a surgery in February, but now everything is perfect. It was a sunny, hot day today and I have a lot of spare time now, so decided to go to Ebensee (located at the Traunsee), about one hour from where I live and hike up the “Großer Höllkogel”. This mountain lies behind the pretty well known Feuerkogel and is the highest peak of a part of the Alps, called “Höllengebirge”. You go up a part of the Feuerkogel with a cable car and then it takes you about 2 hours to the peak of “Höllkogel”. It is very very rocky, steep and today there was still a lot of snow on some of the sections of the way too. But the view over the lakes, the mountains and hills was worth the effort. Especially because there was no one. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE. I enjoyed a break up there in complete silence, only disturbed by bees and some planes high above me.

So if you ever come to Austria, climb a mountain. We have everything, for a beginner or rock climbing pro, you can walk, take cable cars or climb. Just make sure a local person introduces you to the area. Ah and yes, bring sunscreen. Actually I brought some, carried up and down, but since it was cloudy I forgot to use it. Which probably is the reason why I am looking like a cooked lobster now….

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