Spice up your life – Just Spices helps you!

Spices and herbs can change food from a normal meal to a real foodgasm. And used right, they can influence your health too (physically, and yes, psychologically too, just think of a hot chocolate after a stupid day in winter with some vanilla or coconut). I always try to bring some spices from my travels... Continue Reading →

Simple powerfood salad with chickpeas

During summer, we all need food easy to transport and take with us when we're out for our activities. This power salad combines a lot of high quality foods into a refreshing meal. And it's great to recycle leftover veggies, I personally hate it to throw away food. The base of it are cooked chickpeas.... Continue Reading →

Eggplant mini pizzas (low carb)

I just got the information that I won tickets for the first street food festival in Linz :-) And how? By simply entering one of my favorite mini-recipes: my eggplant mini pizzas. In the evening I often crave for something savory, especially after my workout or running. Cottage cheese is nice, but after a while... Continue Reading →

Coffee gem: Friedlieb und Töchter Linz

Named after the chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge and located in the heart of the old town in Linz (Altstadt 5), Friedlieb und Töchter is one of the new and cosy modern coffee shops that have opened during the last year in Linz. Some years ago, there were only old, dusty cafés with grumpy waiters and... Continue Reading →

The Brickmakers Vienna

A friend of mine from Germany was on a business trip in Vienna and since I had to transfer some stuff from our old flat to my brother's apartment anyways, we decided to meet up to have dinner. I asked my brother where to go, since I didn't get a table at Neni. His absolute... Continue Reading →

Thursday morning cycling

The best thing in being on job search is having the time for all the stuff you love to do. For me that means also a lot of sports activities, that usually only happen in the evening, tired from work with a full head. Even though my grass allergy currently kicks in like hell and... Continue Reading →

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