Cooking for the masses: vegan chili con chickpeas

Well, skydivers are hungry people. Very hungry people. Yesterday we had one of the first nice sunny evenings this year and I decided to cook for the crowd at the dropzone. A nice chili seemed to be a good idea, since the cooking effort is low and it basically cooks itself after being prepared. I... Continue Reading →

Nutty avocado meets juicy tomato

We all are busy and therefore shopping food and preparing it is always kinda stressful. I love meals I can prepare the evening before and take with me easily. This healthy little salad can be mixed in 5 minutes and tastes even better after some time when all the flavors had a little time to... Continue Reading →

Let’s start again…

Soooo... after a "short" break of almost three years I decided to wake up my blog again. The general topics will be more or less the same, but with more focus on useful information. Nothing super stylish or high class stuff, but I hope things that interest people in their daily life. You can also... Continue Reading →

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